Tranky Doo | Learn the Tranky Doo in a Day

Learn the Tranky Doo, one of the main historical jazz routines that is still danced by Lindy Hoppers all over the world!

Day workshop to learn the Tranky Doo solo jazz routine

The difficulty of this workshop is medium, so appropriate for confident Level 2 students and up, who have already learned the Shim Sham or another jazz routine.

Why attend:
Our fantastic teacher, Suzanne Grubham, will teach The Tranky Doo, one of the main jazz routines that’s danced around the world in the Lindy Hop scene. The Tranky Doo is said to originate in the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, like the Shim Sham. It’s another line dance that popped up somewhere in the 1940s. The popular version of the dance which was filmed at the Savoy ballroom in the 1950’s can be seen being performed by Al Minns, Leon James & Pepsi Bethel in the dance documentary the Spirit Moves. Frankie Manning also did a popular variation of the dance!

17th September 2022


Moseley School & Fitness Centre, B13 4RL

Important Information


COVID measures:

As per government guidelines we currently have no restrictions in place for COVID, but please note this may be subject to change. You can find our more recent Covid Policy on our website.


In event of cancellation of the workshop due to government COVID rules, you can get a full refund, take the workshop at a later date or we will put in place alternative provisions for who wants (online workshop).

What to Bring Ideas:
Lunch or snacks (there are not a lot of shops nearby), Dance shoes or flat shoes for wooden floor, water, comfortable clothes, change of clothes, deodorant, towel

What the Workshop Includes:

Learn The Tranky Doo in just 3 hours and then get ready to show off your new skills to the rest of the community!