Swing Band

Martyn Nelson and the Rhythm Remedies

At The Swing Era we love authentic jazz music from the 20s, 30s and 40s and we are proud to introduce you to our very own live band!

Martyn Nelson and the Rhythm Remedies is a talented band of jazz musicians from Birmingham playing Classic Jazz standards specifically for swing dancers.

Lead by professional musician Martyn Nelson (known from King Adora, The Joylanders, Lola Lamour) the band brings you the very best of authentic swing music. Session musicians include Jim Wynn (Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra), Robbie Moore (Delta Autumn), Tom Chapman (Birmingham Conservatoire, Urban Folk Quartet), Katie Stevens (Birmingham Conservatoire, Bonfire Radicals, Kiriki Club) and more…

Some of the festivals played:

  • Bristol Swing Exchange
  • Reading Lindy Turn
  • Leeds Lindy Fridays
  • Hep Cats Holiday
  • Manchester Lindy
  • Swingin’ in the Rain, Wales
  • Birmingham Swing Festival
  • Birmingham Swing Exchange
  • Lindy Club Titchfield / Southampton
  • Birmingham Lindy Exchange

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Playing at Independent Birmingham 2018:

Live at Swingin’ in the Rain, Wales 2017

Playing at Birmingham International Dance Festival 2018:

Playing at Birmingham Swing Festival 2017


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