Shag Summer Course (5 weeks)

The Swing Era invites you to come and learn to dance the Shag again!

This fun, upbeat style of swing dancing started in the 1920s in the African American community in the Carolinas and spread through the USA in the 1930s. This partnered dance is danced to uptempo swing music and uses a “slow, slow, quick, quick” pattern in the footwork.

A History of the Dance:

Shag rose up in the 1930s where it began it’s life in the south of the United States as a street dance. It was hugely favoured by the American youth throughout the 30s and 40s which is where it adopted the name ‘Collegiate Shag’ reflecting it’s popularity amongst college students of the time. It has resurged in the recent swing era revival and we hope to celebrate this fantastic dance style on this course.


5 Week Summer Course in Beginner’s Shag


A beginners course in Shag suitable for any levels looking to add another swing dance to their repertoire.

Why Attend:

Join our Shag Tutors to learn this fast paced, fun swing style. It’s the perfect way to fill your summer break from Lindy with even more dancing!


5 consecutive weeks starting Thu 28 Jul 2022

Time: Thurs 7pm-8pm, 

Venue: St Columba Church Hall, Moseley


Balanced couple ticket (non gender specific): £75

Single ticket: £40

COVID measures:

As per government guidelines we currently have no restrictions in place for COVID, but please note this may be subject to change. You can find our more recent Covid Policy on our website.


In event of cancellation of the workshop due to government COVID rules, you may get a full refund, take the workshop at a later date or we will put in place alternative provisions (online workshop).

What to Bring Ideas:

What the Workshop/Event Includes

Join us for this fantastic opportunity to learn the basics of this very fun, energetic dance in a day! You will learn the basic footwork, hold, posture and moves, so you will be able to social dance Shag to fast swing music.

All classes are followed by a social dance:

The Swing Era Social Dance | 20.00-21.00 | St. Columba, Church Hall (in the church building), Moseley

A weekly swing social dance run by The Swing Era, a swing dance school in Birmingham (United Kingdom).

This is the opportunity to refine and your dance skills, practice what you learnt in class and get to know our lovely community of fellow swing dancers.

This Social Dance is free for anyone who is participating in our course, but if you’re not you are still more than welcome to come along. If you’re not part of our courses, we suggest a donation of £3 on entry. All donations will support the Red Cross efforts in Ukraine.

Still want to make the most of those long summer evenings? Join us in the Prince of Wales after class to catch a few rays and enjoy some great company.