Private Lessons

We offer high quality private lessons for existing and new dancers.

Whether you want to fine-tune your technique and styling, or are looking to learn a couple choreography for your wedding, we are happy to discuss this with you.

Online or In-Person Lessons with Suzanne!
All your teachers at The Swing Era want you to keep dancing through this uncertain and challenging time. We want to keep you active and healthy
in both body and mind so we can all enjoy dancing together again as soon as possible.
Lindy Hop
Do you want to nail the basic Lindy Hop footwork, work on rhythm and musicality, learn some cool variations or refine your styling? Suzanne is available for online Lindy Hop lessons for individuals and couples.
Solo Jazz & Tap dance
Suzanne also teaches other dance styles that can help improve your Lindy Hop. Solo jazz is a great way to improve your body movement and co-ordination, and is super helpful for finding your own voice and expression in the dance. Tap is a great way to improve your rhythm and musicality, it’s loads of fun and you don’t need a partner to practice!
About Suzanne
Suzanne has lots of experience teaching beginners to professional dancers, so whatever point you’re at with your dancing or whatever you want to work on she’ll be able to help. She is also a trained Pilates instructor and is keen to help anyone who may suffer from back pain or postural issues, or those who just want to improve their strength and coordination.
Email to arrange a lesson or send a message to Suzanne Monica Grubham on Facebook

Block booking discount available. (She would also like to offer discounts for anyone struggling financially due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but would like to still enjoy lesson.)

A student’s review of private lessons with Suzanne
Johnny: “Whatever your ambitions as a dancer, hiring Suze as personal tutor is the best early Christmas present you can give yourself. She’s a superb dancer, an excellent teacher, and great fun to work with. In short, she’s all kinds of ace.
“Now, I’m not a natural dancer and I have no musical background. When COVID hit, I started doing weekly online classes with Suze. It was a total game changer. She took everything back to basics and introduced me to rhythm, timing, and musicality. I’m delighted with the progress I’m making, and loving every step of the journey. We mix up Lindy and Solo Jazz classes, and may even start tap dancing soon.

“Not only has Suze changed me as a dancer, but she’s changed my life too. Her expert advice on balance, flexibility, and core is a huge help to me in my career as a distance runner. She’s now a key part of my running support team. I recently moved to the South of France and we continue to work together remotely. And I hope we’ll be working together for many years to come.

“Talk to Suze today about personal classes. I promise you, you won’t regret it!”