Performance Troupes

Create a truly immersive experience at your event by hiring one of our vintage performing troupes:

The Suzy Qs

Full Chorus Line style

Picture sparkling sequinned 1920’s flapper dresses, 1930’s chorus lines; 1940’s glamour. Our mesmerizing all-female performance group the Suzy Qs will make sure your guests are in for a real treat.

Sugar Foot Stompers

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High-class routines

Bring the absolute thrill of the swing era to your audiences with this high-class performance group. The Sugar Foot Stompers combine passion, finesse, history and aerials for the finest lindy hop performances.

The Swing Era Troupe

Authentic Social Dancing

Set the scene of your event with authentic social dancing. Did you know swing dance is entirely improvised? Our dancers will really bring your music to life and provide exciting entertainment or an atmospheric backdrop for a themed event.


Everyone loves a flash mob! Be brave and host an impromptu dance routine in a busy location or venue. Create an unforgettable buzz around your event.

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