Swing at The Bothy – The tiniest social dance floor in the world!

Introducing: The tiniest social dance floor in the world!

‘Swing at The Bothy’ is the notorious biweekly swing social dance run by The Swing Era, a swing dance school in Birmingham (United Kingdom). The Bothy is a shed with rustic charm in the beer garden of the beautiful independent Prince of Wales pub in Moseley. ‘ Swing at the Bothy’ is sometimes referred to as Birmingham’s version of Herrang… but then a tiny notch smaller! Ever since The Swing Era started running classes at a nearby dance school in 2014 the students have come to The Bothy for a drink and a dance after class.

We boldly make the claim that THIS IS the tiniest social dance floor in the world! Is there anyone who can beat this?

  • 5×3 meter (15m2)
  • Record number of 43 swing dancers dancing at the same time (2017)
  • Record number of 14 swing dance couple dancing at the same time (2018)
  • A 5 piece swing band performing live (2017) (see video below)
  • Performances of the Shim Sham, Tranky Do and… even The Big Apple take place regularly (see video below)

Other fun facts:

  • The DJ booth is the first seat on the bench on the left (everybody knows this)
  • Dancers have travelled from far and wide to attend this social: USA, Canada, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Korea, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Nigeria, Australia, Scotland, France, Wales, Mexico, Greece, Spain and India
  • Regular visitors are now masters in floor craft


See ‘Swing at The Bothy’ in action!

The Big Apple performed to a 5-piece swing band in The Bothy:

The Shim Sham record in The Bothy:

Visit the tiniest social dance floor in the world!

  • Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
  • 8-9pm Beginners social dance practice
    9-11pm social dance
  • Free event
  • Find the next event on our Facebook
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